Top 10 Best Gaming Headphone In India 2020


In this article, we will help you choose the best gaming headphone in the Indian market. Also, these will be within your budget to enhance your gaming experience.

India has finally started considering gaming as a full time thing.
Besides, Indian teams have started performing well in International CS
GO, FIFA, PUBG, and various other competitions.

Moreover, the rapidly developing Indian Infrastructure has helped us to cope with the International Gaming Societies. Therefore, Best Gaming headphones seem essential, don’t they?

Above all, without proper gaming headphones, it isn’t convenient to talk crap to your opponents during a heated gaming session.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of great gaming headsets available online in India to solve this problem.

gaming headphone logo

Your choices might include both wired as well as wireless gaming headsets with or without boom mics.

However, in this article, we have enlisted gaming headsets ranging from about 1k to 14k.

These gaming headphone have the premium build quality, simulated surround sound, and e-sports-oriented features.

We will help you get the gaming headphones that meet your budget and needs. You don’t need much cash to choose the best gaming headphones.

However, you need some basic knowledge about the criteria while buying the best gaming headphones for you. But, those who want to make decisions based on their research, stick till the end.

Additionally, we recommend that only shopping-oriented customers go through the tabular format of the product enlistment provided below.

Furthermore, the given price can help you make a better comparison among India’s best gaming headphones.   

Quick Summary: Our top 5 picks.





boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphones
features:-Product Dimensions: 19 x 7.5 x 19.5 cm.
Item Weight: 231 g.

JBL Quantum 400 Over-Ear Gaming Headset 

Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 15 cm.
Item Weight: 272 g.

EKSA E3000 Wired Gaming Headset

features:-Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.2 x 9.9 cm.
Item Weight: 522 g

Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset 

features:-Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.1 x 18.3 cm.
Item Weight: 998 g.

Redgear Comet 7.1 USB Gaming Headphones
features:-Package Dimensions: 22.1 x 19.8 x 11.2 cm.
Item Weight: 522 g


Comparison Table:


Model Name
boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphones
Cosmic Byte Over the Ear Gaming Headphone with Mic & LED – G4000 Edition (Red)
EKSA Stereo Sound Over Ear Gaming Headphone with Mic (Blue)
JBL T460BT Extra Bass Wireless On-Ear Headphones
EKSA E3000 Wired Gaming Headse
Lenovo in-Ear Metal Finish Bluetooth Wireless Over Ear Headphone
Sony WH-CH710N Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
boAt Rockerz 370 Wireless Headphone
boAt Rockerz 600 Bluetooth Headphone
boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
₹ 1,899
₹ 879
₹ 7,999
₹1,549-₹ 2,299.00
₹2,799- ₹ 2,549
₹ 9,939- ₹ 9,949
₹ 1,999
Available Color
Jazzy blue, Molten Orange, Viper Green, Raging Red
Black/Blue, Black/Red, Grey/Green, Carbon Black
Black/Red and, Black/gold
Black, Blue, White and Red
Black, Blue and White
Black and Blue
Gregarious Green, Fiery Red, Buoyant Black
Black and Brown
Luscious Black, Hazel Beige, Aqua Blue
Battery Type
400mAh Lithium Polymer batteries
300mAh Lithium Polymer batteries
300mAh Li-ion batteries
Li-Polymer batteries
1 Lithium ion battery
300 mAh Lithium ion batteries
1 Lithium ion battery
300 mAh Lithium ion batteries
300 mAh batteries
1 Lithium ion battery
Battery Average Life
10 Hours
8 Hours
20 Hours
12 Hours
11 Hours
24 Hours
35 Hours
Up to 8 Hours
8 Hours 
8 Hours 
Connecter Type
Bluetooth Wireless and Wired 3.5mm Single Pin
Microphone Form Factor
Without Microphone
With Microphone
With Microphone
With Microphone
With Microphone
Without Microphone
Built-In Microphone
Without Microphone
Built-In Microphone
Built-In Microphone
Compatible Devices
iOS and Android devices
All Mobiles, Laptop and Tablets
All Mobiles, Laptop and Tablets
All Mobiles, Laptop and Tablets
Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android Device, Window Devices, Other Bluetooth Supported Devices
Audio Player, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet
Windows, iOS, Android
iPhone, iPod, iPad; Android; Window; Most of Bluetooth Devices
iOS, Android, Windows 

boAt Rockerz510 Bluetooth headphones provide a brilliant knack into gaming headphone with thumping bass, which has easy access controls.

This product is available in catchy color variants, i.e., Jazzy blue (₹ 1,899), Molten Orange (₹ 3,390), Viper Green (₹ 2,499), Raging Red (₹ 1,899). Your package will contain one Headphone, AUX cable, and Charging Cable.

In conclusion, it has the most stylish look and is dashing in appearance. You will find controls on both sides, which are easy to access and effortless to handle.

BoAt Rockerz510 Bluetooth headphones have faux leather foam on the ear pads, making it ultimately comfortable to wear even for longer hours and aluminum material.

boAt’s signature element: sonic high definition sound with additional thumping bass and balanced treble performance make your listening experience a super thumping one. Above all, your gaming experience is going to be very smooth because of its thumping sound effects.

These headphones weigh only 230 grams. In other words, It gives you optimum comfort. In addition, it is super user friendly. 

The aluminum plate makes the looks of a premium. However, its rich sound quality makes it look premium and makes it taste the same.

These gaming headphone have a 50mm driver, which gives better performance. It is compatible with almost all Bluetooth devices and specifically for PC and laptop.  Additionally, it has dual mode compatibility, which has a big con that you have properly gone through.

Its average battery life is 10 hours, and you get a 1 A battery.

Overall, it is the right choice as a gaming headphone in an affordable price range.

boAt Rockerz 510_avluz_India
Comes with an AUX Cable thus making it perfect for both wired and wireless usage.
boAt Rockerz 510_avluz_India
Soft cushioning provides a lot of comfort for long and continuous usage.
boAt Rockerz 510_avluz_India
Activate your home assistant with just one touch from your headphone and then you can even command it by using your headphone’s in build microphone.
boAt Rockerz 510_avluz_India
Provide a very soothing and adequate amout of bass within this budget making it a perfect deal allover.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: Boat
    • Model: Rockerz 510
    • Model Name: Rockerz
    • Item Weight: 231 g
    • Product Dimensions: 19 x 7.5 x 19.5 cm
    • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.
    • Item model number: Rockerz 510
    • Hardware Platform: Tablet, PC, Smartphone
    • Compatible Devices: iOS and Android devices.
    • Additional Features:   wireless.
    • Included Components:    Headphones, Charging Cable.
    • Number of Items: 1
    • Headphones Form Factor: on Ear
    • Battery Average Life: 10 Hours
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: Yes
    • Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer
    • Connector Type: Bluetooth
    • Material: Faux Leather, Aluminum
    • Gives thumping Bass: boAt signature sonic HD sound with extra bass.

    • boAt custom-designed with 50mm driver, which gives you incredible gaming experience.

    • Softness of the Faux leather’s ear pads makes it ultimately comfortable to use.

    • Weighing just 230 grams, lightest in its class, gives you real comfort.

    • Foam in the earpads adapts to your ears.

    • They have correctly processed aluminum plates that make it look like a premium headphone.

Color variants:

  • Jazzy blue,
  • Molten Orange,
  • Viper Green,
  • Raging Red

Key features:

  • boAt signature sonic high definition sound with super extra bass and balanced treble performance,
  • custom-designed and stylish.

Compatible Devices:

PC, Laptop, iPhone and Android Phones.

  • Premium look

    Cushioning is just right.

    Given bass makes the experience better.

    The battery is also excellent—an affordable range of headphones.

    The Bluetooth range is 25+ ft.

  • It uses the dual profile system, and in 1st profile, you can use a stereo with excellent sound.

    You cannot use the mic, whereas in 2nd profile, you can use the mic, but sound quality changes to mono, and you might not have a perfect experience with that.

    Use for longer hours might make your ears ache

Cosmic Byte G4000 Edition is a primary Gaming Headphone with a microphone and LED. In addition, it is perfect for playing games and listening to music.

Your package will contain dual connectors AUX or USB. It has separate connectors for led, mic, and speakers. However, USB is always better than AUX.

Note that the USB connector is only for glowing the lights and is useless another way. Also, it keeps hanging down from the port, does not look pleasing.

However, this product is available in captivating color variants like White/Red, USB Red, USB Blue, Red, Blue, Black/Red, and Black/Blue. Additionally, cosmic byte qualifies as classy and catchy in looks.

It has soft cushion head-pad n’ ear-pad with adjustable length hinges for added comfort.

This product comes with two separate jack options. Above all, those cushions in the ear cups are super comfy.

At first, you might feel pain in wearing it.  But after some time, the buffer loosens up. Eventually, it becomes comfortable for long-time wearing. LED light is on the ear cups, making it look fashionable.

The sound quality is exceptional and is ideal for playing online multiplayer games.

However, the headset interface has USB, which is, sadly, only for LED lights. It includes a 3.5mm stereo, which enhances your overall sound experience.

G4000 comes with Mic USB and 3.5 mm audio connector and speaker diameter 50mm, specially designed for PC Computer Laptop gaming, but ensure that you have a USB soundcard.

You can also use Cosmo Byte G4000 for PS4 PS3 Xbox 360 if you have an adaptor.

So, considering the price, Cosmo Byte Over the Ear Headphone with Mic & LED – G4000 Edition is worth trying for gaming lovers.

boAt Rockerz 510_avluz_India
Available pins for the headphone displays it’s durable wiring all together again.
Cosmic Byte avluz_india
Adjustible microphone makes them adequate for the needs of gamers.
Cosmic Byte avluz_india
Extra long chord ensures its flexible usage.
Cosmic Byte avluz_india
Durable yet pocket friendly makes it a very common choice for gamers throughout our country.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Cosmic Byte Kotion Each G4000 is a professional gaming headphone with Mic USB and 3.5mm audio connector.
    • It is specially designed for PC Computer Laptop gaming.
    • You can also use it for PS4 PS3 Xbox 360 if you have adaptor.
    • Speaker diameter: 50mm
       Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Frequency range: 20-20KHz
    • Headset interface: USB
    • 3.5mm stereo
    • Cable length: Approximately 2.2m /7.22ft
    • Perfect for playing games, listening to songs, etc.
    • The soft cushion head-pad n’ ear-pad with adjustable length hinges guarantee hours of gaming comfort.
    • Flexible for positioning and mic with great sensitivity.
    • In the game, your partner(s) would hear your words clearly.
    • Smart in-line Remote Control for sound and mic.
    • LED lights are on the ear cups.

Color variants:

  • White/Red,
  • USB Red,
  • USB Blue,
  • Red, Blue,
  • Black/Red,
  • Black/Blue

Key Features:

  • Mic USB available,
  • 3.5mm audio connector specially designed for PC Computer Laptop gaming;
  • Speaker diameter: 50mm

Compatible Devices:

PC, Laptop, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, iPhone and Android Phones

  • Best budget headphones.

    Cushions are super comfy.

    And looks are stunning.

  • Lesser optimized volume for music and movies and sound intensity after recording from this mike seem quite low

Here comes the EKSA E1000 Gaming Headphone. 7.1 surround sound that helps you improve your directional awareness in intense gaming sessions.

Your package contains a gaming headset with mic and headset cable.

There is a single accent red LED on both sides of the ear and turn on only with USB connectivity. The LEDs do not blink or change colors. Though, the headband is self-adjusting.

This product is available in attractive color variants, i.e., Black/Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, Gray. Therefore, you can check the variations.

The material is fiber and not plastic. Additionally, it uses memory foams, which is costly. However, memory foam is best for long use.

Therefore, you will feel the headset on your head without any pushing.

The wires are matte finished and not braided. Therefore, they are smooth enough to use.

The premium 50MM neodymium driver, EKSA PS4 headset, gives 7.1 surround sound. The microphone is 120° rotatable.

These highly sensitive microphones with upgrade noise reduction cancel the background noise. Additionally, the RGB LED lights designed on ear-cups are fresh for your gaming atmosphere.

The one-key mute switch makes the microphone go ON/OFF smoothly.

Similarly, it is also easy to control volume using the volume control switch.

ESKA PCB Gaming Headphone is compatible with platforms like USB audio port devices. Therefore, you can use it with PS4 Console, PC, Laptop, 32-bit & 64-bit Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/XP.

EKSA Stereo Sound Over Ear Headphones Gaming noise cancellation
Let’s you upgrade your microphone’s noise cancellation thus boosts up your gaming experience all together again
Best gaming headphones eska
The attached image provides us with a perfect idea why we should opt for USB headphone for gaming, compared to conventional 3mm pinned headphones.
EKSA Stereo Sound Over Ear Headphones Gaming Headset driver
it’s 50mm apertures driver with surround sound enables this product to have an unmatched sound quality compared to other products available in this range.
Best gaming headphones eska
In spite of being limited on compatibility, must say it covers a few vastly selling products in terms of compatibility

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Fits well with most of the devices.
    • PS4, plug the 3.5mm line into the PS4 console.
    • New version Xbox one (connect the 3.5mm port to Xbox one console)
    • Older Xbox one, connect the 3.5mm port to the adapter.
    • Nintendo Switch, connect the 3.5mm line into the Nintendo Switch console.
    • PC, Laptop & MAC, you need to use PC extension cable.
    • Sound is too small or no sound.
    • PS: This product is not compatible with Xbox 360.
    • OLD VERSION Xbox One controller needs an extra Microsoft adapter which is not included.
    • Compatible devices are mobile or tablet devices with a 3.5mm connection.
    • Adjustable rotating 15°earmuffs that fits almost in all ear shapes.
    • Now built-in with powerful 50mm magnetic neodymium driver which captures surround sound.
    • Noise-Cancelling Mic.
    • Single Key Mute Function: Highly sensitive mic
    • Multi-directional noise reducing tech, reduces surrounding noise.
    • The volume adjustment is simple and one key Mic mute switch is really comfortable for gaming.
    • You get high tensile strength, anti-winding braided USB cable.
    • 7.1ft long cable controls the volume easily.

Color Variants:

  • Black Red,
  • Black,
  • Blue,
  • Yellow,
  • Green

Key Features:

  • Multi-platform compatibility.
  • Detachable microphone.

Compatible Devices:

PC, Laptop & MAC (need to use PC extension cable) PS4 (plug 3.5mm line into the PS4 console), Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1 New version Xbox one (connect the 3.5mm port to Xbox one console), Older Xbox one (connect with 3.5mm port to the adapter), Nintendo Switch (connect with 3.5mm line into the Nintendo Switch console.)

  • The headset is lightweight.

    Volume button is easy to handle,

    and plug-able portable microphone delivers flawless sound.

  • Not very ideal for audiophiles.

    High volumes for a long time may cause pain in the ear and mics.

    May produce echo sometimes.

    Spare ear-pads not provided

Here we have the all-new JBL Quantum 400 wireless headsets.

The box contains JBL Quantum 400 headset, a Type-C to Type-A charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, the windshield foam for the boom microphone, and a warranty card with a safety sheet. Additionally, the sturdy-looking headphone is light in weight and looks phenomenal.

The durable and leather-wrapped headband is adjustable.

The headset is compatible with PC gaming, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile, Mac, and VR. Above all, the software customization of JBL is friendly for different user-profiles.

The microphone setting modifications have an RGB effects tuner. Additionally, it has a voice focus and directional flip-up microphone. However, the headset is cumbersome on the head.

Its unique feature makes it is the  ‘Game-Chat Balance.’

This feature helps you to separate the game audio and game-chat audio. It has a DISCORD certification. It also has separate sound cards.

In addition, the headset comes with Quantum 400 technology and a DTS system. It stimulates multi-channel audio. The 50mm drivers offer a realistic soundscape.

This headset has a wireless connection through a 2.4 GHz bandwidth. On a single charge, it can last up to several hours. However, the charging time is fast enough due to the Type-C cable provided.

In addition, the supportive memory foam cushioning and stay long without hurting.

So, according to us, it is an excellent product by JBL in the category of Gaming Headphone.

Best gaming headphones quantum
Assures a perfect soothing sound quality because of its refined tuning.
Best gaming headphones jbl with a man
Comes with memory foam which ensures longer comfortable gaming hours in particular.
Best gaming headphones jbl
Compatible with wide range of gaming platforms making it very market-friendly product.
Best gaming headphones quantum
Its refined technology along with extra soothing comfort makes it unbeatable.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: JBL
    • Model:  JBLQUANTUM
    • Item Weight: 272 g
    • Product Dimensions: 30 x 35 x 15 cm
    • Item model number:JBLQUANTUM400BLK
    • Additional Feature:  flip-up, voice focus directional boom mic for crystal clear communication.
    • Driver size: 50mm dynamic drivers.
    • Frequency response:20Hz - 20kHz
    • Microphone frequency response:100Hz - 10kHz
    • Max input power: 30mW
    • Sensitivity: 100dB SPL @1kHz/1mW.
    • Maximum SPL: 97dB.
    • Microphone sensitivity:-40dBV @1kHz/Pa.
    • Impendency: 32 ohms.
    • Microphone pickup pattern: Directional.
    • Cable length: 3.5mm audio cable(1.2m)+Type-C to Type-A cable(3m)
    • Included Components: JBL Quantum 400 headset
    • Type-C to Type-A cable, 3.5mm audio cable, Windshield foam for boom microphone, QSG / Warranty card / Safety sheet
    • Number of Items:   1
    • Microphone Form Factor: Boom
    • Headphones Form-Factor: Over-Ear
    • Batteries Included:  No
    • Batteries Required: No
    • JBL Quantum Surround, with the DTS Headphone X 2.0 that provides immersive surround sound experience.
    • JBL Quantum SOUND signature from 50mm drivers, provide a realistic soundscape.
    • DISCORD Certified game-chat balance dial. Compatible with all gaming platforms.
    • User-friendly JBL Quantum engine PC software customization suite, everything for different users
    • RGB Effects Tuner creates your lighting effects.
    • Light in weight and durable headband with memory foam cushioning.

Color Variants:


Key Features:

Voice Focus Directional Flip-up Boom Mic. Customize with JBL Quantum ENGINE Software Suite, Good Platform Compatibility, Memory Foam Comfort, realistic soundscape.

Compatible Devices:

PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac and VR

  • Bass is good.

    Memory foam cushioning is comforting.

    Immersive sound experience.

    Compatible with TeamSpeak.

  • The headset is bulky compared to others on the list.

    Quite less appealing for console gamers since surround sound is not available, so tuning the audio balance cannot be done.

Here comes another EKSA product, the EKSA E3000 Wired Gaming Headphone with Stereo surround sound. It helps you improve your directional awareness with 360 degrees rotating microphone.

It has a highly sensitive microphone and noise reduction tech. It gives you a surreal battlefield experience.

The easy-to-use volume control and one key mic mute switch enhance its user friendliness.

This product is available in black color only with attractive LED lights of 6 colors that are alternately displayed on the earmuffs.

Though, other colors should also have been available for a wide variety of choices.

The material is comfortable with sturdy metal frame. It has soft, sweat-resistant memory foam earmuffs and dotted with an auto-adjusting headband.

In addition, the all-cover ear cups with bionic protein coat can effectively protect your ears without discomfort.

It is equipped with superior 50mm audio drivers and tuned by advanced acoustic technology.

The PC headphones create a convincing stereo surround sound, which brings a wide frequency range and vibrant sound.

In addition, you get the 3.5mm audio cable jack where USB jack only works for the LED lights on the headsets. 360° rotating noise-canceling mic can give you sounds.

Moreover, it filters most surround noise and provides real-time talking while gaming without any lag.

Compatible devices are PC, Xbox One Controller, Ps4, PSP, laptop, computer, iPad, Mac, tablet, cellphones, Mobile Phones, Nintendo Switch PS.

This product isn’t compatible with Xbox 360. Old version Xbox One controller needs an extra Microsoft adapter (not included).

gaming headphones avluz
Changing led lights adds up top its charm. Most gamers prefer a pair catchy headphones for their set-ups.
gaming headphone avluz
For better communication with your folks it comes with adjustable noise cancellation and anti-static microphone.
gaming headphone avluz
comes along with all the mentioned accessories in the aside image.
gaming headphone avluz
compatible with a wide range of gaming platforms.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: EKSA
    • Item Weight:    522 g
    • Package Dimensions: 22.5 x 20.2 x 9.9 cm
    • Item part number:1
    • Microphone Form Factor: In-Line
    • Headphones Form-Factor: Over-Ear
    • Connector Type:    Wired
    • Auto Focus:   No
    • Programmable Buttons: No
    • Driver diameter: 50mm
    • Impedance: 32 Ohm
    • Sensitivity: 114dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
    • Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
    • Microphone sensitivity: -36dB +/- 1dB
    • Headset Cable: USB Cable
    • Cable length: 2.2M/7.22 ft
    • Package Content:
    • 1 x EKSA E3000 Gaming Headset
    • 1 x Y Splitter Cable
    • 1 x User Manual

Color Variants:


Key Features:

 Glaring RGB Light and CD Grain, 360° rotating noise-canceling mic, equipped with superior 50mm audio drivers, tuned by advanced acoustic techniques, Elastic Head Beam, Durable Cable connection.

Compatible Devices: 

Xbox One controllers, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and compatible Phone / Tablet, 32-bit and 64-bit Win 7/Win8/Win8.1/Win 10/XP, Mac, Linux and devices with a 3.5mm connection

  • It is value for money.

    Sound quality and build quality is excellent.

    It is durable, flexible, comfortable to use for a long time.

    It also looks stylish.

    The earmuffs are soft, so it provides a soothing gaming experience.

  • It plugs into the console or PC via USB. So, cord length might be a problem for a few gamers according to their setup.

    It might loosen up from downside, preventing complete noise isolation

Logitech G PRO X Gaming Headset with Blue VOICE DTS Headphone is best from our list.

Your package contains a Pro x gaming headset. It has memory foam & leatherette ear pads, memory foam & cloth ear pads.

It also has a USB external sound card, a detachable mic, 2M cable with in-line volume and mute, mobile cable with the button.

However, blue voice mic has durable steel and pro G 50 mm.

It has a BLUE VO!CE via G HUB Gaming Software.

You can customize the GHUB software in these Gaming Headphones. Do you want more bass? Pump the bass up.

However, the DTS feature is not much useful.

You got to play around with the settings to make them match your expectations.

Now, this consequently counts to be both a pro feature and a downside.

Not every user would be fluent in altering settings in first use.

Although the stereo sound is better than surround sound, next- Gen 7.1 surround sound features DTS Gaming Headphone.

This one is a cool feature as compared to other gaming headphones available.

The mentioned PRO-G features a complex construction. Also, 50 mm drivers provide next-gen PRO-G achieving more accuracy with a broader range of frequency.

It also has an advanced sound card. Therefore, you need to program it with an external USB sound card (DAC) and Logitech G HUB Gaming Software.

These Gaming Headphones are compatible with many devices, namely:  PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and even VR.

gaming headphone avluz
Surround sound provided by this pair of headsets allows you to enjoy the games on a next level.
gaming headphone avluz
externa USB sound card ensures you miss no detailed sound effect at all while playing your desired game.
gaming headphone avluz
Tuned by pro players for better out come and at the same time to make sure you get to show off all your skills without any hindrance.
gaming headphone avluz
Premium quality earpads stops your ears from acheing even after long gaming hours.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: Logitech
    • Model: Logitech G pro X hypersonic headset
    • Model Name: Logitech G
    • Item Weight:998 g.
    • Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 8.1 x 18.3 cm
    • Item model:   Logitech G pro X hypersonic headset.
    • Included Components: Pro x gaming headset, memory foam & leatherette ear pads, memory foam & cloth ear pads, USB external sound card, detachable mic, 2M cable, separate mic, and headphones ports, carrying bag and user documentation
    • Batteries Required:   No
    • Material:    Aluminum
    • Next Gen surround sound with Pro G 50 mm.
    • Blue Voice: BLUE VOiCE microphone technology gives real-time voice filters.Also, ensuring a more professional voice.
    • Memory foam gives the long-lasting comfort.
    • DTS HEADPHONE: X 2.0 is the newest version of the object-based imaging of sound from DTS.
    • Pro G 50 mm drivers: PRO-G features a unique hybrid construction.
    • The 50 mm drivers provide next-gen PRO-G for more accuracy with a broader range of frequency.
    • Advanced sound card: External USB sound card, you program it with Logitech G HUB Gaming Software.
    • Accessories for versatility.

Color Variants:


Key Features:

Comfortable memory foam, Durable steel and aluminum, Next-gen Surround sound, DTS Headphone: X 2.0, PRO-G 50 mm Drivers, PRO-Tuned EQ, Advanced sound Card, Accessories for versatility.

Compatible Devices:

PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, VR

  • Quite comfy when playing for like 6-12 hours at a time, build quality is excellent.

    Pro X is louder than others, and the bass is also more vibrant.

    To get it to that, you must download the Logitech software and mess around with a setting for quite a while to get the perfect sound for you.

  • Microphone quality could’ve been better.  

    Console experience is not up to the mark.

Now we are coming to another Logitech product. Logitech Artemis Spectrum G633 Gaming Headphones are quite a gem.

These gaming headphones have a unique look and stylish texture. Therefore, these gaming headphones would not let you take your eyes off after the first look at it.

Besides, 7.1 Dolby or DTS Headphone: X Surround Sound and Pro-G audio drivers deliver incredible sound fidelity.

Therefore, you can even hear enemies sneaking around behind you and few gaming soundtracks, which are perfect while gaming.

Moreover, it has adjustable RGB lighting. Also, the custom tags let you choose from up to 16.8 million colors.

Above all, use the Logitech Gaming Software helps to select the optimal glow pattern for your environment. However, it seems unnecessary for novice users or novice gaming lovers.

Therefore, you can use it to achieve two customizable lighting zones, which is a light strip and a logo.

Logitech Gaming Software can be used to program the audio equalizer. Additionally, you can customize the audio settings and create personal sound profiles for each game if you like customization.

Even while playing, you can answer a call without taking your eyes off the ongoing violent action. You will get this as an emphasis of your Logitech Gaming Headphones.

Likewise, G633 not only includes advanced features, but its design is extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions without any breaks.

The G633 is compatible with PC, mobile, and game consoles, including PS4 and Xbox One. So, counting these features, these Gaming headphones can be declared worth the price.

gaming headphone avluz
Well known for its durability and best quality wiring in the head phone.
gaming headphone india
Comes with a complete noise-free microphone to help the user have perfect communication with his guild or squad inside a game.
gaming headphone avluz
comes with premium cushioning as well as mounted controls which increases the user-friendliness for the user.
gaming headphone avluz
Bold design acts as a main factor to attract gamers for this product.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: Logitech
    • Item Height: 22.4 Centimeters
    • Item Width: 9.5 Centimeters
    • Item Weight:    372 g
    • Product Dimensions: 22.4 x 9.5 x 22.4 cm
    • Batteries: 1 Lithium Metal batteries required.
    • Item model number: 981-000586
    • Lithium Battery Energy Content:   15-Watt Hours.
    • Number of Lithium Ion Cells:   40
    • Number of Lithium Metal Cells: 40
    • Included Components:    Gaming Headphones
    • Multi-platform compatibility for
    • Adjustable RGB lighting and custom tags.
    • Programmable g-keys.
    • Provides Custom sound profiles.
    • Compatible devices: Windows 7 or later, macOS X 10.10 or later PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Color variants:


Key Features:

  • Pro-G Drivers,
  • 7.1 Surround,
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility,
  • G-Keys,
  • Custom Sound Profiles,
  • Multi-Source Audio Mixing,
  • Crystal-Clear Communication,
  • Performance-Driven Design One.

  • Good for fps gaming and listening to music, and the comfort of the headsets are remarkable.

    The noise cancellation feature is also real, and it provides an excellent stereo (isolated) experience.

    Works over USB and Great call quality

  • It only uses surround sound technology when connected via USB.

    It does not have a detachable mic and, thus, looks only ‘game-centric’.

The all-new JBL Quantum 300 hybrid gaming headsets are the entry-level headphones with exceptional features.

However, before going through the specifications, we will glance at what is packed in the box. Additionally, the package includes a JBL Quantum 300 headset, a USB audio adapter, a windshield for the boom microphone, a warranty card with a safety sheet.

Therefore, the advanced algorithm of JBL Quantum Surround by the JBL Quantum engine PC software produces an immersive sound. Similarly, the quality improves with 50mm neodymium drivers present specifically for gaming.

This gaming headphone is compatible with platforms such as PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR. It has a voice focus directional flip-up boom microphone for crystal-clear communications. 

Likewise, this headphone is equipped with a user-friendly JBL quantum engine PC software customization suite for different user-profiles. It has microphone setting modifications.

These mighty headphones come with a lightweight and durable headband. Moreover, these headbands have memory foam cushioning and removable ear cushions. Additionally, the battery life is fantastic as it can last long with fast charging.

JBL quantum comes packed with tons of high end features. The bass is pretty good, and the microphone works smoothly.

You get headphones with excellent sound quality even at full volumes, and it does not distort. The look of this headset is premium and top notch.

Therefore, JBL signature quality makes its audio experience genuinely remarkable.

Overall, these gaming headphones are fabulous in look, touch, experience, and excellence in the low budget gaming headphone category.

gaming headphone avluz
Comes with surround sound which ensures that the user do not miss any kind of detailed sound effect present in the game.
gaming headphone avluz
Flip up boom microphone ensures flawless communication within guild members as well as lets you stream your action packed gameplays without any inconvenience.
gaming headphone avluz
A wide range of compatibility makes it a very favorable product in the present-day market
gaming headphone avluz
Being extra lightweight and being equipped with premium cushioning this headset provides unmatched comfort to its users.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: JBL
    • Model: JBLQUANTUM300BLK
    • Model Name:   QUANTUM
    • Item Weight: 245 g
    • Product Dimensions: 25 x 32 x 14 cm
    • Item model number:
    • Additional Features: The flip-up, voice focus directional boom mic for crystal clear communication
    • Driver size: 50mm
    •  Dynamic drivers
    •  Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
    •  Max input power: 30mW
    • Sensitivity: 100dB SPL @1kHz/1mW
    •  Impedance: 32-ohm
    • Microphone frequency response:100Hz - 10kHz
    • Microphone sensitivity: -40dBV @ 1kHz/Pa
    • Microphone pickup pattern: Directional
    • Cable length: Headset (1.2m) + USB audio adapter (1.5m)
    • Included Components: JBL Quantum 300 headset, USB audio adapter, Windshield foam for boom microphone, QSG / Warranty card / Safety sheet.
    • Number of Items: 1
    • Microphone Form-Factor:  Boom
    • Headphones Form-Factor: Over-Ear
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: No
    • Connector Type:   Wired
    • JBL Quantum SURROUND powered by the JBL Quantum ENGINE PC software.
    • 50mm neodymium drivers delivering JBL Quantum Sound Signature, specifically for gaming
    • It has flip-up Voice focus Directional Boom mic for crystal clear communications.
    • Now compatible with all gaming platforms.
    •  User-friendly JBL Quantum Engine PC software customization suite for different user-profiles & Microphone Setting modifications.
    • Lightweight n’ ultra-durable headband with memory foam cushioning and also, detachable ear cushions.

Color Variants:

  •  Black.

Key Features:

  • Live the Game with JBL Quantum SURROUND,
  • Voice Focus Directional Boom Mic,
  • Customize with JBL Quantum ENGINE Software Suite,
  • Lightweight Memory Foam Comfort,
  • JBL Quantum SOUND Signature and connectivity.

Compatible Devices:

Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR

  • Bass is good.

    The mic works flawlessly.

    Sound Quality is quite impressive even at full volume doesn’t distort—amazing battery with fast charging.

    Gives a premium look and touch to the headset.

    Overall, it works perfectly fine as a gaming headphone

  • Not very ideal for audiophiles. The consoles do not utilize these headsets to their fullest capacity.

    Cords are not favorable for use in some set-ups.

Redgear Comet 7.1 would top the charts of Gaming Headphones if it were only about the killer appearances.

These headphones are quite heavy on the head but simultaneously serve almost all the purposes of best gaming headphones.

Additionally, RedGear Cosmo has 7.1 surround sound engines, which allow you to listen to the game sound more precisely. The 7.1 engine helps you to receive the sound while covering all the angles. Stay furious and destroy your enemy before they even see you.

Cosmo has a fantastic RGB LED light effect on ear-ups and the tip of the microphone. Therefore, play your games or kill your enemy in style with the RedGear Cosmo Gaming Headphones.

However, the Cosmo has an adjustable and noise-canceling microphone. It helps to avoid damage and increases durability.

You will finally get to stay focused on the Game only and not your headset while playing your favorite battle. Additionally, Cosmo has extra soft earmuffs for a soft-touch comfort.

This gaming headphone is designed to be smooth and light without any changes in audio quality.

RGB lights keep changing slowly but aren’t in sync with both sides. As per experience, the mic quality is fantastic.

Those soft ear cups can attract sweat if used for longer times. The headband is metal so that it won’t break, and it fits in nicely on your skull.

The Redgear Cosmo 7.1 has all-new audio control, which is now at your fingertips, to control sound volume to reproduce any source audio perfectly.

Besides, the compatible devices are PC; laptops and can be used on mobile that supports OTG.

gaming headphone avluz
Available in different colour schemes which lets the buyer never run out of options at all.
gaming headphone avluz
A decent build quality with a little less lifespan compared to others this headsets beats all because of its pocket friendly nature.
Game headphone avluz_india
Premium look and good quality in build microphone adds up brownie points to this headset.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: Redgear
    • Model: Comet 7.1
    • Model Name: Comet
    • Item Weight: 522 g
    • Package Dimensions: 22.1 x 19.8 x 11.2 cm
    • Item model number: Comet 7.1
    • Included Components:    comet headphones; manual; CD driver.
    • Microphone Form Factor: In-Line
    • Headphones Form Factor: Over-Ear.
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required:  No
    • Connector Type:   Wired
    • 7 changeable led modes.

    • Virtual 7.1 surround sound

    • Noise cancellation.

    • Microphone Customization driver.

    • Over-ear design.

Color variants:

 Black with RGB LED Effect

Key Features:

Virtual surround, True Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Engine, and a Cool LED Effect, Over-ear Design gives you the comfort you need for those long hours of gameplay,

Compatible Devices:

PC, Laptop, can be used on a mobile that supports OTG.

  • Best entry-level gaming headset.

    Bass and sound quality both are outstanding, and its wire is heavy for lasting and value for money.

    The real 7.1 channels and they are amazing

  • Quite heavy for prolonged continuous usage.

    You might face problems when you turn the 3D and virtual 7.1 modes.

    Or, there may be sound leakage from your headset.

    The bass is not impressive at all.

If you are looking for a beast gaming headset, then JBL Quantum 600 wireless headsets should be your go-to choice. It comes with exceptional features, which makes it a state-of-the-art headset.

The box comes with the JBL Quantum 600 headset, a Type-C to Type-A charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB wireless dongle, and windshield foam for the microphone.

At the same time, its build quality is also durable and lightweight with memory foam cushioning.

It comes with Quantum 600 technology and a DTS system. Additionally, it stimulates multi-channel audio to provide an immersive surround sound experience.

JBL’s 50mm drivers offer real soundscape. It has a wireless connection through a 2.4 GHz bandwidth. Correctly, it can last up to 14 hours on a single charge. The charging time is around 2 hours with Type-C cable.

However, a unique feature about this headset, which makes it the best, is ‘Game-Chat Balance.’ This feature helps you to separate the game sound and chat audio without any hassle.

It is certified by DISCORD.
Additionally,  it comes with separate sound cards which allow you to set the proper balance without leaving the game.

The headset is compatible with all major platforms such as PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR.


You will get software customization for different user-profiles. Specifically, the microphone setting modifications have an RGB effects tuner. These are for creating your personal lighting effects. Additionally, it has a voice focus directional flip-up microphone.

Therefore, the headphones are versatile and have high-end features. It is undoubtedly a real deal. Besides, the fantastic sound quality, exceptional VR experience, and immersive sound experience make it the best.

gaming headphone avluz
Comes with a flip up auto mute microphone that makes this product extremely user friendly. The boom microphone present in this headset allows its user to have a perfect noise free communication.
gaming headphone avluz
Even after being stuffed with all such features this wireless gaming headset manages a battery life of 14 hours
gaming headphone avluz
Comes with a 50 mm neodymium driver and surround sound. It enables to focus on every available audio detailing available in the game. Also, supports the gamer to push his/her limits in every possible way.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand: JBL
    • Model: JBLQUANTUM600BLK
    • Model Name: QUANTUM.
    • Weight:345 g
    • Product Dimensions: 35 x 40 x 18 cm
    • Batteries: 1 Lithium ion batteries required.
    • Item model number:  JBLQUANTUM600BLK
    • Additional Features: The flip-up, voice focus directional boom mic for crystal clear communication
    • Driver size: 50mm dynamic drivers
    • Frequency response: 20Hz - 40kHz
    • Microphone frequency response:100Hz - 10kHz.
    •  Max input power: 30mW
    • Sensitivity: 100dB SPL @1kHz/1mW.
    • Maximum SPL: 97dB.
    • Microphone sensitivity: -40dBV @1kHz/Pa.
    • Impendency: 32 ohm, 2.4G.
    • Included Components: JBL Quantum 600 headset, Type-C to Type-A charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, USB wireless dongle, Windshield foam for the microphone, QSG / Warranty card / Safety sheet
    • Number of Items:    1
    • Headphones Form-Factor: Over-Ear
      Voltage: 5 Volts
    • Average Battery Life: 14 Hours
    • Batteries Included: No
    • Batteries Required: No
    • Battery Cell Composition:    Lithium Ion
    • Material: Leather
    • JBL Quantum Surround with DTS Headphone X 2.0.
    • JBL Quantum SOUND Signature from 50mm drivers provides realistic soundscape.
    • Lossless 2.4GHz wireless headset with 14 Hours battery life and 2 hours charging time
    • DISCORD Certified game-chat balance dial that supports you with separate sound cards for the game.
    • User-friendly JBL Quantum Engine PC software customization suite for different user-profiles and the microphone setting modifications also.
    • RGB Effects Tuner to create your own lighting effects.
    • Lightweight and durable headband with leather-wrapped detachable memory foam cushioning.

Color Variants:


Key Features:

  • An expensive product. It works better on PC than in consoles.
  • Sound quality is not as expected from JBL’s upgraded versions 400 Lightweight

Compatible Devices:

 PC gaming, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac and VR

  • High-end features,

    amazing sound quality,

    VR experience is exceptional,

    immersive sound experience

  • An expensive product.

    It works better on PC than in consoles.

    Sound quality is not as expected from JBL’s upgraded versions 400 and 600.

List of factors we should consider while buying gaming headphone.

Quality of sound

While you are looking for a good gaming headset with fantastic sound quality in India, here are a few key features that you might consider.

Firstly, the size of the drivers follows a simple formula: “Bigger is Better.”

Also, larger the driver, the more the air they can drift to, for creating a better range of frequencies.

Besides, the frequency range of gaming headsets might reach from a minimum of 20Hz to a maximum of 20 kHz. Similarly, as you go from the basic version to the top one, the sounds become better.

While on a hunt for a perfect gaming headset, you might find more than a few promising 5.1 or even 7.1 channel surround sound, both designed to give an immersive sound experience.

However, for 5.1 surround sound, speakers may be directly in front of you, front right of you, front left of you, back right of you, again left of you, and add a sub-woofer to a perfect relay bass.

Meanwhile, 7.1 surround gives you quite the same set-up as 5.1 surrounds, but it also adds two more speakers to your right and left.

Additionally, the Dolby Atmos and the DTS Headphone version 2.0 are the two branded kinds of surround sound one would probably encounter.

Similarly, these add positional sound effects for some objects—for example, a dog fight in mid-air.

Almost 99 percent of gaming headphones employ virtual surround sound. It discloses that they’re faking it with few algorithms.

Likewise, you will find almost no gaming headsets with individual drivers to create a real-time surround sound experience for the excellent gaming experience.

Moreover, unlike actual surround sound gaming headsets, these can be called budget-friendly.

Wired vs. wireless Gaming Headphone

wireless vs wired

However, wireless versions may cost more. The compatibility depends upon the type of gaming platform.

Indeed, each gaming headphone supports different platforms. For example, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, many cell phones, and a few computers could use Bluetooth or NFC for wireless headsets.

Subsequently, keep in mind that available features for platforms such as original Xbox One lack Bluetooth service. Therefore, it may be illogical to buy a Bluetooth gaming headset for a console.

However, other systems might require different wireless connections. Thus, these headphones often come with a diverse base plugged into either your console or PC. Wireless gaming items are, however, more expensive than their counterparts. Therefore, it is often tough to find the best.

In terms of sound quality, wired headsets deliver the max travelling speed. In comparison to that, wireless competitors lack in each budget range. Now, in terms of comfort and design, wireless gaming headsets give a better gaming experience.

You will not experience restricted movement as you don’t have to care about wires getting tangled every time. However, there might be some interference if other signal emitters or absorbers are present. Therefore, not all wireless headphones have such issues.

It depends upon the quality for which one is willing to pay. Typically, the gaming headphones which provide the user with high quality sound experience are pricier.

So, if you have a high budget for headsets and do not want to stop your movements while playing your favorite console games, you can opt for the wireless ones.

However, if you have a little low budget, we recommend you opt for the wired ones available in the online market.

Wired headphones might wear and tear over time while the wireless ones are free from such issues.

Quality of the Gaming Headphone microphone

Choosing gaming headsets with good microphone quality can be expensive.

In short, when voice clarity is important, these are worth the penny spent.

However, noise cancellation is an important factor to consider while choosing the best gaming headphones available within your budget. Likewise, it helps you have noise-free communication with your fellow guild or squad members inside the game.

Therefore, next time you are at a raid or catch assignment, be sure that you’re yelling at a good microphone. Consequently, a good microphone is one of the most important factors to consider as a gamer.

While purchasing a headset with a built-in mic, we must pay proper attention to the under given features and will have to try to grab as many as you can.

Above all, if you want to go streaming, we suggest you consider the headphone with a boom microphone attached to it in our list of recommended lists of gaming headphones.


  Noise-cancellation for improved voice clarity and disturbance free gaming experience

o   Convenient mute function for privacy

o   Presence of boom mic

Battery life of Gaming Headphone

Battery life matters a lot. However great the headphone is, there are three significant points to take care of if it comes to battery life.

First, there is the play period, and that is how long you can play audio on a single charge. There is also a standby time.

Hence, the charging period is the amount of time taken to charge the battery. However, with these wireless headsets, your gaming hours get dependent on the charge holding capacity of your gaming headphones.

Therefore, the battery life, charging time, and charge retentive capacity are always kept in the background of your mind while choosing a gaming headset from any niche. 

After-sales services of Gaming Headphone

It is one of the main criteria considered by Indian buyers while considering their required products.

All the enlisted products here in this article have a good reputation for providing after-sales services.

In case if you face any technical issue immediately after making the purchase, you can directly get refunded or replaced. It can be done from the host site itself.

However, on facing issues with it after days of usage, you can always take your gaming headsets to their corresponding service centers near you.

Comfort of Gaming Headphone

If you spend much time playing games, then having a headphone that cares about your comfort also matters. Accordingly, you can have long gaming sessions without hurting your ears.

Choose a comfortable headphone, has soft ear-pads as well as made from lightweight materials. However, for many gaming lovers, gaming is not just a way to waste time. In fact, playing games act as stress busters.

If you value comfort and performance of gaming headphones, this is the best article to help you purchase it.

Platform compatibility of Gaming Headphone

platform compatibility.

With the launch of consoles like PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo switch in India, console gamers have also increased.

However, we need to satisfy the PC gamers and help the console gamers hunt for the best gaming headphones.

Therefore, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one headset supports exclusive features that you can choose among different versions of similar models.

So, currently, more headphones on this list appear to support the PS4 compared to Xbox One and Nintendo directly.

Still, many high-end headphones may come in PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo versions even in India. In our nation, mostly headset is available primarily for PC.

It might work with console over USB, but it, however, may not support all the features. Therefore, of course, any headphone with 3.5mm wired connection may work with either console through the headphone jack on the controller. Usually, the USB compatibility which can give different versions.

If you go with our suggestion list, we have mostly enlisted products that are compatible with your gaming console or PC. These would fit within your pocket range and available in the Indian online market.

Budget Of Gaming Headphone

The online market has a lot of headphones for gaming. Many of them have similar characteristics and provide excellent performance.

However, there are still some great deals of factors that make one headset distinct from another. People who would not mind spending on a pricey version have quite a lot of options to choose from for them.

Even while searching for something cheap, there are great deals of available alternatives that offer you excellent performance.

Hence, it is always best to correct a budget and start locating a headphone around the budget.

Classification based on connectivity Of Gaming Headphone:

Best Gaming headphones 2020• Plug and play

These are types of gaming headphones best suited for gaming lovers. Furthermore, it comes with no fixed gaming hours, as there’s no battery.

Moreover, wired connectivity makes them noiseless, durable, and affordable all at once. Similarly, noise-less microphones have helped wired gaming headphones attract many gaming lovers for quite a long time.

At the same time, these are the headphones that may restrict your movement while gaming.

• Bluetooth.

Bluetooth makes you free of wires. Therefore, you will be open from the attached restrictions to your actions.

Most wireless gaming headphones have adopted Bluetooth as their mode of connectivity to their host device.

These headphones increase your focus in the game. Likewise, you will be free of cables. Not only that, but it will also give good connections.


Near Field Communication is a technology that uses high-frequency wireless communication. It basically transfers data among devices over a short-range (usually about 10 cm).

You need to know about this as it is a technology that enables Bluetooth devices to build wireless communication. Specifically, it happens by simply touching the devices together.

Additionally, you might refer to the owner’s guide of your device to see if your model supports NFC or not. Once paired, one may hear “Connected to,” or the Bluetooth indicator glows solid white.


aesthetic setup 101Without a doubt, mostly, we do gaming indoors. Therefore, some gaming lovers might not give importance on appearance while choosing a headset.

However, even with such a primary investment, a good deal is fair for you.

With this in mind, you will use gaming headphones, perhaps even daily. So, why not choose something attractive?

Some designs are too fancy for individual users. At the same time, other styles may appear just too plain and dull. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

Along with color and design, some headsets have an RGB function. These beautifully light up the headset with vibrant colors. Sometimes, we use it to indicate to the user that it is ON and connected.

Other times, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes. Moreover, if you are a gamer who is obsessed with a perfect setup. Also, if you want to purchase a headphone that matches your old set up, you should go with our choices.

Because we have a wide variety of gaming headsets with premium build. These qualities are supposed to help you in your quest.

Conclusion Of Gaming Headphone:

Best Gaming Headphones 2020So, those were some of the best open-back headphones for gaming.

However, if you ask about the best option, we would say go with JBL quantum 300. This is because of the attached boom microphone that significantly enhances your gaming experience.

Moreover, if you are ready to spend more and find something professional, we suggest the JBL Quantum 600. Similarly, it will give you a whole new level of gaming experience.

These headphones come with premium quality build and offer you some of the great features. Also, you get to experience fantastic sound quality.

Summing it up, the listed products can be considered ‘worth the price’ in the Indian online market.

JBL Quantum 300 Hybrid Wired Over-Ear Gaming Headset 


JBL Quantum 600 Wireless Over-Ear Performance Gaming Headset 

₹ 12,999

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