Portable diesel generator for Indian Household 2020: Buyer’s Guide


Generators are sources of power when you are outside moving around on your RV or camping. Once the grid electricity goes down, the best way to power your appliances is to use Portable diesel generator.

However, locating the ideal generator could be challenging. We prepared this generator manual to assist you in your hunt.

Our reviews on different classification are supposed to help you find the best portable household generator in India.

We are currently showing several kinds of generators, both light and heavy-duty. We can cover the power requirements of all fashion, and we will also depict ways to save your investment and choose the best generator at the same time.

Thus, we recommend everyone to complete reading this whole blog before making a purchase of domestic diesel generator in India.

But for those people who comes with very limited amount of time we recommend you to go through the below provided table , that is supposed to provide you with a brief idea about all the enlisted products in this article.

Quick Summary: Our top 5 picks.





Run+ Portable Diesel Generator 2.5 KVA.
features:-2.5 kVA Portable Diesel Generator,
2.2 KW power
RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator
features:-Fuel consumption-0.2l/kw/hr.

Power produced-16KW

Elemax DEG 6500-2 make Kohler Engine 5 KVA Diesel Generator

features:-Fuel consumption-0.5l/hr. to 1.2l/hr. depending on load
power produced-4KW

DZJ 1 KVA Portable Diesel Iron Generator Set

features:-Diesel Generator Set
Power – 1 kVA

RUN+ 15 KVA Diesel Generator
features:-Fuel consumption-0.2l/Kw/Hr.


1. Run+ Portable Diesel Generator 2.5 KVA.

The first product in our enlistment is Run+ Portable Diesel Generator which has perfect 100% copper with H class insulation. It is useful for household use, shops, agriculture, construction power load. It can run 1 HP submersible motor.

It runs on a single phase 230 volts with 1.0 pf and 1500 RPM.

They give an assurance that there will be no voltage dropping. It has AC output. The power is 2.5 kVA and 2.2 KW.

It is a 2.5 KVA generator which comes in the category of portable mini generator. It is air cooled.

The body is made up of ms which is 10 times better than aluminum body. The spare parts and raw materials are according to Kirloskar standards. The spare parts are available worldwide.

Most importantly, it has a long life. Overall, it is 100% reliable and you should consider buying it.

portable_gen avluz
Easy handling convenience

The compact size and wheels provide a hassle-free portable convenience.

Suitable for heavy load

The1 HP submersible motor is good enough to provide power for your home appliances.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • AC Output
    • 2.5 kVA Portable Diesel Generator,
    • 2.2 KW power
    • Can run 1 HP submersible motor
    • It is a 2.5 kVA generator.
    • Single phase 230 V, 1.0 Pf,
    • 1500 RPM
    • Made with a material which is 10 times better than aluminum body.
    • 100% copper (insulation H class) No voltage dropping.
    • 100% reliable product.
    • Suitable for Home load Shop Agriculture Construction Power Load
    • Portable mini Generator.
    • It has air cooling.
    • Has a long life.
    • Spare parts and raw materials used as per Kirloskar standards and spare parts.
    • Spare parts available worldwide

  • Being a portable generator, it is a bit lightweight compared to other diesel generators.

    Standard Spare parts are easily available in the market.

  • Low fuel carrying capacity makes it prone to frequent refueling.

    Might result in medium heating after a long and continuous use.

2. RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator

This generator consists of two diesel engine that produces 28 HP making it perfect for domestic as well as agricultural usage in rural India. 

 Being a non-silent single-phase Portable diesel generator, this generator causes considerable amount of noise pollution in the longer run.

 This product demands an average fuel consumption of 200 gm / Kw /Hr. This is a standard and economical fuel consumption maintained by the company. 

Net Weight 610 Kg which makes it perfect even for carrying it outdoor for both agricultural and adventurous purposes. 

Its supreme build quality is responsible behind the confidence of this product users. 

Durable nature and longer lifespan add on to its advantages. 

RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator
Compact Design

The compact light-weight design provides easy handling convenience.

RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator
Powerful engine

The 15 HP diesel engines are good enough to power a wide range of appliances at once.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Diesel Engine - 28 HP
    • Bore: 114.3 Bore,
    • This is of KVA: 20 kVA / kW 16 kW /
    • Amp 26.5 Amp
    • Flywheel Casting Weigh 80 Kg,
    • Net Weight 610 Kg
    • Fuel Consumption 200 gm / KWH (on 80% Load)
    • Single Phase Diesel Generator Set (DG), All Use Cast iron
    • 100% Spare parts
    • Single-phase 230 to 415 V 50 Hz 0.8 Pf 1500 RPM water-cooled
    • It is a Diesel Engine Cylinder – Double
    • Radiator (100% Copper)
    • Alternator (100% Copper)
    • Insulation h class
    • Alternator - ms body (No Burning Prevent Heat)
    • Bearings - nbc / skf
    • Casting - finishing. Liner / piston - Usha
    • Crankshaft / connecting rod - en9 hardened
    • Fuel injection pump brand - Bosch
    • Fuel tank - seamless welding
    • Flywheel - as per Kirloskar standards

  • Fuel consumption is lower compared to other diesel generators.

    Noise level is less in comparison to other generators.

  • Though it is a portable generator, it is heavier than compared to other portable generators.

    Little bit pricey.

3. Elemax DEG 6500-2 make Kohler Engine 5000VA (5 KVA) Diesel Generator Set CPCB II Complied [DEG6500-2]

This is an Electric Start diesel-powered generator that comes with in build Oil Alert System.  

Has a fuel tank capacity of 15 L that makes it perfect for domestic usage. It comes with a single-cylinder 4 Stroke engine that comes with a forced air-cooling technology making it adequate for long continuous usage. 

It produces very negligible sound compared to all other mentioned generators in the list. Also, its compact size, lesser weight and attractive design adds on to its overall advantage. 

Its durable nature and adequate lifespan make it a perfect product in this niche. Premium look of this product is simply maintained to add on more beauty to your already beautiful house. 

Apart from domestic usage this product being portable can also serve various outdoor demands as well. 

Energy efficient

The four stroked engine provides efficient energy to a wide range of appliances.

Light weight

The compact size provides a good portable convenience.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Dimension- 1070x600x920
    • Fuel Tank Capacity - 15 L
    • Continuous Run (Hours)-12Hrs
    • 4 Stroke, OVH,
    • Forced Air Cooling
    • Power Factor - 0.8
    • Warranty - 1 Year
    • Engine Type- Single Cylinder
    • Starting System- Recoil/Electric Start, Oil Alert System – Available
    • Super Quiet
    • Energy Efficient
    • Light Weight
    • Portable and easy to use

  • Electric starting system for this generator saves a lot of daily fuss.

    Oil Alert System helps you to refuel your generator at a perfect time, making it the best diesel generator for home use. So, that you are never left in the dark.

  • Low fuel capacity though makes it easy to carry, at the same time makes The product prone to frequent refueling.

    Presence of air cooling though keeps the generator cool for shorter period usage, but Lack  of liquid cooling is felt where it must run for an exceedingly long and continuous period.

4. DZJ 1 KVA Portable Diesel Iron Generator Set

Affordable product with good build quality and longer lifespan. It comes with a full iron build chassis and attached parts. This Portable diesel generator generates only 0.8 KW of power making it underpowered for regular domestic usage in our country but at the same time its compatibility makes this product perfect for outdoor usage in rural India. 

This product can be used to run submersible pumps in fields to water crops. 

This product has a vast usage because of its compatible size and light weight nature in this price range. 

Therefore, keeping the power requirement in mind this product must be considered for buying

DZJ 1 KVA Portable Diesel Iron Generator Set
Easy handling convenience

The compact design and wheels provide easy handling convenience.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Diesel Generator Set

    • Power – 1 kVA

    • It is very portable

    • Iron body-The iron body makes this generator durable and convenient.

  • Durable quality with lesser weight makes it perfectly portable.

    Pocket friendly in nature.

  • Produces considerable amount of noise.

5. RUN+ 15 KVA Diesel Generator

This has two singles cylindered, Diesel Engines generating 24 HP. This is Non-Silent generator that generates comparatively less noise making this perfect for domestic India. Even its compatible size and acceptable weight adds up to its advantage. 

Coming with Kirloskar standard parts the company ensures durability and good after sales services for the product at the same time. 

This generator comes with water cooling making it perfect even for long and continuous usage. 

The only fuss that yet needs to be solved by the company is its manual starting procedure. On solving this one problem we believe this product will become perfectly adequate for domestic usage in India. 

RUN+ 15 KVA Diesel Generator
Easy handling

The compact size of this generator provides easy handling convenience.

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Diesel Engine Cylinder – Double
    • Diesel Engine - 24 HP
    • Bore 102 Bore
    • This is of 15 KVA  / 56.5 Amp
    • Flywheel Casting Weigh 80 Kg
    • Net Weight 610 Kg
    • Fuel Consumption 200 gm / KWH (on 80% Load)
    • Single Phase Diesel Generator Set (DG)
    • Non-Silent (DG)
    • 100% genuine spare parts available all over the world.
    • Saves 20% diesel consumption
    • Spare parts and raw materials used as per Kirloskar standards.
    • low maintenance and easy service
    • The 24 HP engine provides efficient performance in the time of power outage.

  • Convenient and user friendly in nature.

    Durable quality.

    Saves 20% more fuel compared to other generators within this budget.

  • Not at all budget friendly.

    Heavier than other portable generators.

6. RUN+ Diesel Generator 7.5 KVA

This is a water-cooled single cylinder Portable diesel generator with Spare parts and raw materials used as per Kirloskar standards, demands low maintenance, easy to service and parts are very easily available.

Because of its portable nature it becomes more convenient for the user to carry it around in a van and meet his power requirements at various places of power requirement. 

But is a 6 kw, non- silent diesel generator producing a considerable amount of noise that needs to be kept in mind while making purchase of this product. 

A 20% less diesel consumption compared to all other products in this price range. 

This product can be listed among the most premium quality AC Out Put Alternators available online. 

Because of its compact size this generator becomes easy to accommodate in our regular Indian households. 

Compact size

Ergonomic and sleek design with back gas-lift, nylon twin castors, breathable low-back mesh.

High performance

The innovative technology provides efficient performance

Product Details:-

  • Specifications
  • Features
    • Brand Name- RUN+ISO Range 9001
    • Engine- 12 HP
    • It is a 7.5 kVA 6 kw
    • Load Capacity-6.00 kilograms
    • Manufacturer-Grade H
    • Maximum Rotational Speed- 1500.00 rpm
    • Model Number- GIR7.5DI
    • Number of Items- 1
    • Oil Capacity- 10.00 liters
    • Part Number- 1k
    • Pressure Rating- Class H Specification MetISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001
    • Most powerful engine
    • Water cooled single cylinder
    • Spare parts and raw materials used as per Kirloskar standards
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy service
    • Parts all over world available
    • Non- silent diesel generator set dg
    • Saves 20% diesel consumption
    • 100 % High Class Indian Copper Wire Alternator
    • AC type alternator
    • AC Out Put Alternator
    • CE- Our products are CE certified which is mandatory to be provided for compliance of European standard

  • Durable build quality.

    Convenient and user friendly.

    Compact in nature makes it more convenient for outdoor usage.

    Safe for electronics.

  • Might even face heating issues on the longer run.

    Produces large amount of noise while running

How to decide your portable home generator:

1. How much does a generator cost in India?

This is a prime constant while purchasing anything, is your budget as nobody prefers to go over it. Thus, before buying a generator, you need to set your budget. You can then locate Both high-end and low-end products and compare them based on all available fruitful classifications.

Setting your budget allows you to choose an appropriate option. Generators’ cost will vary over a wide range depending upon the power demand of the consumer and the kind of fuel they operate. Given below is a table based on information regarding different kinds of portable generators available in India.

According to their fuel type, the amount of power they deliver, their price, and corresponding links to the sites from where you can make a safe purchase. But before you purchase from the under the given table, it is strictly advisable that you read the whole article.

2. How much power do I need?

Daily, we utilize multiple electricity-driven things in our kitchen, toilet, along with other spaces in our houses. So, it is essential to ascertain the wattage demands or the power you would require during outages.

 It can be determined by incorporating the wattage of essential appliances you would like to power, during a power cut.

Ordinarily, generators capable of producing 3 to 5 kW are the type of generators best for domestic use. Apart from having the capacity to provide back up for your household appliances in times of emergency, all the generators portable also.

Given below is an example, supposed to help you with the quest of calculating wattage demand for your appliances (both essential and non-essential). Depending upon the amount of money you want to spend on fuel and the type of life span (short, medium, or long) you want for your generator, it is on you to calculate the required load.

It is always suggested not to run a generator on its maximum power delivering capacity frequently. Keeping all these factors in mind, choose your generator accordingly.

150W cooler for each room = 300W

60W fan for each room = 120W

16W LED tube light for rooms= 48W

One LED TV 32″ = approx. 60W

One refrigerator = 180W (might vary for different types)

Five 12W LED bulbs for miscellaneous purposes = 60W

And let us add about 1.5kW for any device you might use like room heater, geyser, water heater, water pump, microwave.

Therefore, your apartment’s total power is about: 2.2kW at max when all appliances are used at once. But you would not be using all of it at once. Therefore, generators capable of producing 3 to 5 kW are the type of generators best for Indian households.


3. Significant and Distinctive features

Like every product, a generator should also be finalized after looking at its features. Generally, features like cooling system, automatic transfer switch, fuel level indicator, automatic voltage regulation, and wheel kit are needed for an ideal portable generator.

 Generators are also widely counted among a few promising sources of noise pollution. That is where the newly evolved silent feature of generators plays a massive role in the present-day market.

While choosing the generator within your budget, you must also try to grasp as many of the above-listed features.

4. Decide on the Kind of generator

There are various kinds of generators based on dimensions, fuel-type, and wattage. Each of these has its pros and cons and different price range. You can pick anyone catering to your needs and budget. budget.

5. How do you size a mobile generator?

When picking wattage limits and budget, you need to select the size of the generator which is ideal according to your use.

At the same time, you need to have sufficient space to accommodate the generator you choose. In this article, we are explicitly discussing portable generators that are more compact than conventional generators.

 Their small size makes them perfect for accommodating in our household for daily domestic uses. An optimum sized portable generator should have Length less than 850 mm approx., Breadth near to 672 mm and optimum height be somewhere near 299 mm.

We can ensure that all the products enlisted on this list satisfies this criterion with preciseness.

6. Which Fuel Type to Use for Generators?

You need to decide on the type of generator that you would want to install in your residence. Generally, portable generators that operate on petrol are costly.

Gas-powered generators are mostly ideal only for small operations. Being economical, they are great for long-term usage.

Since diesel is cheaper and can Deliver much power, they have a wide range of usage in present India. However, due to the expensive cost of petrol, the usage of gasoline operated generators remains limited within a few regions of our country.

Kerosene generators are the oldest of its kind and the cheapest also at the same time. They should be adequately ventilated and cooled after periodic intervals of usage.

Gas generators have less efficiency, kerosene being tricky to find, and petrol being costly. We suggest you go with diesel generators, for diesel being cheaper, easy to carry, and quickly accessible. We have shortlisted top 4 diesel generators in India (both portable and non-portable) with their prices included.


Considering the climatic conditions, cost, and availability of different kinds of fuel in India, we suggest you buy a portable diesel generator as per your power need. With its optimum power-producing capability, it will significantly enhance your living standards, keeping your budget in check.

Comparison Table

Model Name
Run+ Portable Diesel Generator 2.5 KVA.
RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator
Elemax DEG 6500-2 make Kohler Engine 5000VA (5 KVA) Diesel Generator
DZJ 1 KVA Portable Diesel Iron Generator Set
RUN+ 15 KVA Diesel Generator
RUN+ Diesel Generator 7.5 KVA
₹ 1,65,999.00
₹ 95,000.00
Fuel Consumption


0.5l/hr. to 1.2l/hr. depending on load
0.2l / Kw/Hr.

Fuel type






Cooling method

Air cooled

Water cooled

Forced Air cooled

Air cooled

Water cooled

Water cooled

Power produced

2.2 KW






Starting type

Electric start



Given below are a few of our best recommended products that are reviewed best for long time usage.





RUN+ 20 KVA Diesel Generator


Elemax DEG 6500-2 make Kohler Engine 5000VA (5 KVA) Diesel Generator

₹ 1,799

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